A toodledo app for android, blackberry and webos

toodleTasks is a task management application for Android, BalckBerry and HP webos that sync with toodledo ( The app is available for both phones and tablets


Manage your lists

  • Create, delete or modify your projects, contexts, goals and locations
  • Add your favorite lists to the main pane

Manage your tasks

Support all the important fields: name, project, context, goal, location, due date, due time, reminder, reapeat, priority, star, tags, status, start date and notes

Filter and sort

Filter and sort tasks

Easy and powerful filtering and sorting options to let you focus on the important tasks


Quick-add tasks

Quickly add new tasks to your current list directly from the main screen


Full text search

Search any word within your task name or in the note field

Actions on multiple tasks

Manage multiple tasks at once

Assign multiple tasks to a list, mark them complete, star or delete all the selected tasks,...


Sync your tasks with toodledo

Support for background and manual sync.


Create and manage subtasks

Create subtasks for a given task. This feature require a toodledo pro account

Repeating Tasks

Repeating Tasks

Support all the toodledo repeating options

And much more...
  • Easily create new tasks with the clone option
  • Set Global filters (for example work/personal)
  • Set reminders (reminder are sent via the toodledo website)
  • Set default values for fields
  • Display only the fields your really use
  • ...

"it may be the best task manager on any plattform" -

"If you’re already invested in Toodledo for task management, toodleTasks will probably be a no-brainer to add to your workflow. Even if you’re not, it’s robust set of features and excellent design make it an app worth the $4.99 pricetag" - Pre|Central

"If you are looking for looking for a task management tool that syncs to the cloud or already have a Toodledo account this application is a must have." - Internetgumshoe

"don't miss this app on the TouchPad" - ZDNet

The 20 best apps for the touchpad - pcmag

Phone Edition

Tablet Edition

v1.2.0 - Comming soon
Support for Global Filters (in main menu)
New option to set the default View at startup (favorites, folders, contexts,...)
Other bugfixes and improvments
Fix a bug where inputing a number caused the app to crash on android 4.1
Fix a bug where local changes where overwritten after a sync
Fix a bug where a task cannot be saved if you only enter a title and a note
Improved scrolling performances for lists
Fix some UI problems (blue overlay remaining on screen)
Other bugfixes and improvments
Fix a bug where some completed tasks may not sync correctly
Fix a problem with carriage return in notes
Fix a bug preventing the text to be displayed on some devices
Long notes can now be edited correctly
Other bugfixes and improvments
Initial release - April 2012
Fix a bug where some completed tasks may not sync correctly
Fix a problem with carriage return in notes
Other bugfixes and improvments
Initial release - April 2012
New Option to clone an existing task (see new icon in the right panel)
Support for start Date (can be activated in preferences&accounts then use 'Hide future tasks' in the menu to hide tasks with a start date in the future)
Fix a bug with syncing when the 'tags' field was disabled
Ability to set default values for new tasks (See preferences & accounts)
Sort tasks by name
Speed improvement
New preferences and options
Subtasks can be displayed in the middle pane
fix a bug that prevent user to add a "normal tasks" after adding a subtasks
fix a bug that prevent recently completed tasks to show up correctly for some users
New auto sync feature (the app will now sync automatically when it is started or closed)
Experimental support for background sync (every 20 mins)
fixed a bug that prevented "pro plus" user for using subtasks
The "Completed" folder now shows tasks completed during the last 3 months (only if the total number of tasks is < 450)
Support for subtasks
New "complete Mode" to complete multiple tasks with one simple click
You can now complete a task by clicking the checkbox on the top right of the task detail pane
When creating a new task using quick-task from inside a folder, the task is auto assigned to that folder
You can now use passwords with special characters
Lists in the left pane are now sorted alphabetically
Completed tasks are now sorted by completion date
Various bugfix and performance improvement
fix a problem with repeat tasks not being rescheduled correctly
fix most of the bugs encountered in the initial release of toodeltasks HD (sync/task not displaying for some folders/multiple delete/...)
Please remove your toodledo account and re-enter your credentials if you had one of those problems
- minor bugfix
initial public release - July 2011

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